Two Press Releases

I’m so pleased and proud to share the news that my brother, Keith Stanglin, is leaving his post at Harding University to become Professor of Scripture and Historical Theology at Austin Graduate School of Theology. Officially, Keith is filling the vacancy created by the imminent departure of Dr. Allan McNicol. Unofficially, I hope, Keith is preparing for the position by working on his Australian accent, growing his hair out so it can be a bit more disheveled, and beginning… to… measure… each… word… very… carefully.

You can access the Austin Grad press release by clicking here.

I feel like Keith and Amanda and their three beautiful kids are moving closer to us, but that’s probably just because we’re both now going to be in Texas at the same time for the first time since we were sharing bunk beds in the mid ’80s. Truth is, I think Amarillo is just as far away from Searcy as it is from Austin. But it feels closer. And I’m grateful for that, too.

I’m excited that Keith is going to be working every day, side by side, with some of the greatest people and strongest influences in my life. I consider the faculty and staff at Austin Grad to be among the best and brightest people I’ve ever had the blessing to know. Austin Grad is going to be good for Keith. And Keith is going to be very, very good for Austin Grad.

Congratulations, brother.


You may have heard yesterday that Jerry Wayne and Troy Aikman are partnering to open up more than 50 Dunkin’ Donuts locations in DFW over the next five years. The quote by Jerry in the official press release is nauseating. At least.

“We have a lot of greats to be proud of here in North Texas. Great people, great sports teams, and great traditions, which is why I am excited about being a part of bringing great coffee, iced tea, and baked goods from Dunkin’ Donuts to the area.”

The release also states that Jones will share responsibilities for “strategic planning, expansion, and marketing” of the donut venture.

Is there another NFL General Manager who’s also running 50 donut shops? How can this man do everything he tries to do with any excellence? How in the world does Jerry Wayne go from negotiating his Dunkin’ Donuts deal and reviewing the scripts for the commercials and approving the logos for the billboards to running down the hall to watch film on a free agent fullbackĀ or to take a phone call from another team regarding a potential trade for an upgradeĀ in the secondary? He sits down with his coaches and he’s interrupted by a phone call from Papa John’s about a coupon deal. He’s talking to Pepsi about a corporate tie-in and Mike Shanahan’s on the other line wanting to visit about a free safety. How can Jerry do both?

He can’t. It’s been obvious for almost two decades. He can’t.

The nice thing for Cowboys fans — how many of you are left? — is that this Dunkin’ Donuts deal wasn’t finalized three years ago. If it were, that new stadium in Arlington would be in the shape of a circle, with a much larger circular hole in the roof, complete with silver and blue sprinkles.




  1. dbyrnes

    You changed it slightly but not so much to avoid it being labeled as ‘stolen.’ Gotta hand it to you though – at least you admitted it before hand.

    Shame you’re not here for the Tuesday studies. Seems like a box of Dunkin shows up about once a month. We’d be suffering through your Jerry rants more often than debates about tattoos.

  2. Allan

    Please tell Brother Justice I said ‘hi.’ And tell Pope to shell out for some grub every now and then. Cheapskate!

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