centrallogoIt keeps happening.

Against all odds, against all math, against all formulas, the Central Church of Christ in Amarillo, Texas keeps giving and giving and giving to its foreign missions efforts in numbers that just don’t add up. Yesterday’s ambitious Missions Sunday goal of $325,000 was blown completely out of the water when, by the grace of God and the power of his Spirit, our church family offered over $421,515!

We keep raising the goal and the church keeps blowing it away!

Thank you to the Central church family for your extravagant generosity and your compassionate hearts. Thank you for sacrificing and saving to make days like yesterday so powerful and so eternally significant. Thank you for the faith you have so clearly placed in our God to make the money accomplish more than we can ever ask or imagine for the sake of his great name. And thank you for having such fun with it.

May our God be praised.

If you still need to turn in your one-time gift or a pledge, you can do that all this week with Vickie at the church office. As the money continues to come in, we’ll update the totals on the Central website and Facebook.

I’m reminded how blessed I am to be the preacher at Central, to enjoy a place and a role with this congregation of Christ-followers in whom God is effecting tremendous change and through whom he is impacting the world for eternity. Thank you, Central, for listening to God, for being so open to the leading of his Spirit, and for participating so fully in his mission. And thanks for letting me come along for the ride.