We’re having a fantastic weekend with our middle daughter Valerie and her husband David in their hopping little town of Tulsa. They’ve given us a wonderful tour of the city – downtown, shopping, the sprawling parks, the Gathering Space, and the riverside casino. We saw the Jenks church where Val is working with Caleb and Hailey and their exciting youth group. We had a massive brunch yesterday at Hatch, a great dinner last night at The Vault, and took in some of the atmosphere around the Juneteenth celebrations happening in the Greenwood District. And then Dave gave us a walking tour of the beautiful campus at Tulsa University where he is about to begin his second semester of law school. If one must live in Oklahoma, Tulsa seems like maybe the only place to do it.

As I’m typing, Val is in the kitchen making pancakes (super cute!) and we’re gearing up for some more catching up before heading back to West Texas.

The beauty of the whole thing, of course, is hanging out with these two kids we love so much. It does our hearts good to be in the same rooms with them as they do life together and to watch how much they love each other and to see how well they’re doing. I am filled with gratitude and joy. And Loaded Tumblers and Key Lime pie.