“You give me your shield of victory,

and your right hand sustains me;

you stoop down to make me great.”

~Psalm 18:35

I get disappointed in myself pretty often. It’s easy to do when you stumble as much as I do. It’s easy when the things you say and do and think don’t always reflect the glory of God. I feel overwhelmed at times. It’s easy when you’re the preacher for a huge church and feel the weight of others’ expectations which, by the way, aren’t nearly as heavy as the expectations I have for myself. I can experience real periods of self-doubt. It’s easy when you’re criticized by others. It’s easy when your plans and strategies don’t work out the way you envision.

I don’t always feel great.

Maybe you don’t, either.



The Creator of Heaven and Earth has condescended to us. He’s come down to us. He put on our flesh and he took on our sin. He has chosen to live inside us. He makes us great!

We are great because we are chosen by God to belong to him and to be his children. We are great because we are empowered by his Spirit to stand strong and to be victorious in our battles against Satan. We are great because we wear his name. We live in a righteous relationship with him. Because of Christ’s work on the cross and the Spirit’s work at that garden tomb, we are seen by our Father as perfect. Perfect! Great!

God stoops down to make us great.

So, do something great today. Do something really great. Something big. Something powerful. Something that reflects the glory of God and his Kingdom. Something that matters, that will really matter for all eternity. It’s in you. You’re great, you know?