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Bulldogs Again

My incredibly smart and talented wife has started her new job this week – her new career. After years spent teaching teenagers in the classroom, most notably leading high school juniors and seniors through her Culinary Arts program and winning multiple medals and trophies all over the state, Carrie-Anne is moving into the office. She is today an academic counselor at Midland High School on the freshman campus.

We’re Bulldogs in our family now for the first time since the early ’90s when C-A was teaching at Burnet Elementary in Central Texas and we were cheering the green and white Bulldogs footballers to the State Championship Game in Houston. Midland High’s Bulldogs are purple and gold and Carrie-Anne is already stocking her closet with Bulldogs gear. She’s all in, all the time, with everything she’s got for her students. She relates. She invests. She takes the time and makes the effort. It’s what makes her so good. It’s what leads to her former students texting her pictures of their creations at chef college and in the restaurants where they work. It’s what compels these former students to stop by her kitchen and see her when they’re home from college.

She’s in charge of somewhere between 289-299 students now – the numbers change everyday as registrations continue. She’s working with 14-15-year-olds now, as opposed to 17-18-year-olds. She’s working with younger students who are making a dramatic transition to high school instead of seasoned juniors and seniors who already know the ropes. But she tackles every year and engages every student as a mission from God, as a sacred ministry. And we’re all excited to support her and love her through her own transition to Midland High.



What a Mom

Happy Mother’s Day, Carrie-Anne. You are the absolutely perfect mom to each of our three daughters. You are a no-nonsense straight-shooter with an endless supply of selfless compassion and grace. Lots of grace. Always grace. And you consistently know exactly how much of what each girl needs at the exact right time.

You’re the same way with me, too. Encouraging. Challenging. Supporting. And loving. Faithfully loving.

I love you, darling. We all four thank God for the ways you reflect his glory in our family.


Big Day for C-A

Happy Birthday to my darling wife, Carrie-Anne.

I’m going all out for you, sweetie. How about a trip to Israel in a couple of weeks? How about a Caribbean cruise next month? How about a new air conditioner for the house? And a new front door?

And, maybe a brand new job at a local high school or middle school somewhere in the Permian Basin? I can’t help you there. But I know you’re close, and I know you’re excited to start working with students again. It makes me smile to think about your enthusiasm and desire for pouring your abundant love and grace into those young people. I’m proud of you and I admire you so much for the all-nighters, term papers, research, new technology, presentations, and speeches you’ve put into your counseling degree and the next stage of your selfless work with and ministry to teenagers.

How about just a really nice steak dinner tonight? Not quite Perini’s. But almost.

I love you, babe. I hope you’re having a really great day today. I hope everybody you’re with today at Legacy High appreciates your sweet spirit and your remarkable gifts. And I am grateful to God for the joy and the love you bring into my life.

Happy Birthday,

All the Girls

We drove hard and fast to OKC after church yesterday to clean Carley out of her on-campus apartment at Oklahoma Christian and move her back home. We were surprised when we arrived to learn that Valerie and David had driven down from Tulsa to help out. Beautiful! All three daughters with their mom on Mother’s Day! We loaded up the cars and the truck together and then celebrated at – where else? – Ted’s with my sister Rhonda and her family. It was a crazy day – we got home at about 1130p last night. But it was good to see all the girls. And it’s good to have the Bear back in Amarillo.







C-A BDay






Happy Birthday to my darling wife, Carrie-Anne.

Someday you’re going to be one of those super-cute old ladies. But right now you’re still rockin’ it!

I hope your students are being extra good to you today, sweetie, and that you are having an awesome day.

I love you!


She Keeps Saying “Yes”

Thirty-one years ago today, I got on a plane for the very first time and flew to Las Vegas with Carrie-Anne. I had asked her to marry me on that morning of November 25, 1989 and by 11:30 that night, we were husband and wife, hitched by a deputy sheriff in the basement of the Clark County courthouse. She said “yes” to me that day and she’s been saying “yes” to me ever since.

Carrie-Anne said “yes” to a radio career marked by slow upward mobility — emphasis on mobility. She said “yes” to Pampa, Marble Falls, Memphis, Wichita Falls, and, finally, Dallas. She said “yes” to the trials and tribulations that come with being a preacher’s wife. She said “yes” to Austin, North Richland Hills, and Amarillo. She’s said “yes” to Van Halen concerts and more Rangers games than we could count. She’s said “yes” to scary movies, political documentaries, and The Simpsons. She said “yes” to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Dr Pepper Museum. She’s said “yes” to trips to Ukraine, Peru, Brazil, Columbia, and Bolivia. (She continues to say “no” to Israel, but I’m still asking.)

I don’t know how it keeps happening. That first “yes,” maybe, came in a moment of weakness. However it happened, I feel very lucky and grateful. I thank God every single day that Carrie-Anne said “yes” that Friday after Thanksgiving in 1989. Today, we have a houseful together — three adult daughters, a new son-in-law, and Carley’s large dog. And more unknowns and adventures still to come. Together.

Carrie-Anne knows me better than anyone. We’ve been through a lot together in 31-years. She has seen and experienced the worst of me and the best of me. And, by the grace of God, she keeps saying “yes.” I feel so fortunate to be her husband, so blessed by the Lord that she is my wife.



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