“I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth…” ~Matthew 11:25

Thanksgiving. Yes, thanksgiving. How about giving it a shot this week? How about spending not just a few minutes tomorrow around the turkey and cranberries in thanksgiving to God, but every minute of every hour this week.

Not just for the day and the weather and the beauty of nature. Not just for family and friends. Not only for food and clothes and shelter. Not just for health and wealth, protection and provision. Not just for good things in good circumstances.

That kind of thanksgiving is good. And it’s expected.

But how about giving thanks to God when situations are less than ideal? How about thanking our Father when things aren’t going so well? How about a genuine and continual expression of thanksgiving to God in full faith that he is alive and active and working in mighty ways that we don’t always see?

The powerful and unstoppable energies of the Kingdom of God are always moving, always growing, always surging, electric, dynamic, just beneath the surface. All around us. Huge rivers of prayer and faith and hope and praise and forgiveness and salvation and holiness and re-creation flow right by us every day.

Sometimes we can only see it with our eyes of faith. And we give thanks.