Throwback Thursday is probably just a Facebook thing or something, I don’t know. I’m probably not even doing it right. But while putting the finishing touches on this Sunday’s sermon about the purpose of marriage and getting the PowerPoint ready, I happened upon this picture of two good looking kids.

Two clueless kids.

Two kids who had no idea what was in front of them, had no way of dealing with some of the trials that would come, but who were very much in love and committed to sharing all the joys and sorrows together.

Carrie-Anne, I can very easily look back at this 26-year-old picture and see how God has been working in you to make you more holy, more blameless, more Christ-like in a thousand ways. The work he started in you, he is bringing to completion. It’s beautiful. It’s glorious. And I am honored by our Lord and by you to be in the middle of it with you. Thank you for letting me share your transformation, your salvation, with you. And thank you for committing to my own transformation, too. You make me better, babe, in a thousand ways.

I love you,