Tonight’s Game Six has been postponed to tomorrow night in St. Louis.

I was sweating this thing big-time. Our fall festival here at Central is set for tonight from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. I’ve got a management cluster budget meeting at 8:15 pm. And who knows how long that’s going to last? I’ve been working the emails since 8:30 this morning trying to get our budget meeting moved. But everybody’s schedule’s are crazy and it just wasn’t working.

Here the Rangers are on the cusp of winning their first ever World Series in their 51-year history. We’ve suffered through decades of embarrassing futility, wandering aimlessly┬áin the hopelessness of baseball’s wilderness, unable to even dream about the possibilities of one day — maybe — hoisting the World Series tropy. It would be such a shame for Mike Napoli to hit the World Series winning double in the 9th inning of a tie game and we missed it because we were in a budget meeting talking about air conditioners and parking lots and replenishing the reserve fund.

But now the game’s been postponed. The news instantly resulted in congratulatory text messages and emails from preacher friends of mine who were also agonizing over the conflict.

The championship celebration will wait one more day. The Texas Rangers’ coronation as baseball kings will wait until tomorrow.

And I expect to see all of y’all tonight at church.