PassionateProclamation“I know that I am not a great preacher, but I can certainly tell the difference when the text takes over, as opposed to when I try to ‘convince the crowd’ out of my own capacities. When Spirit-passion takes over, when the text speaks for itself, then both we and the listeners are transported into another world, into the dominion of God. What an immense privilege it is to display the Kingdom and invite the Christian community to participate more fully in it.

Our times are characterized by so much competition between churches to attract members. Pastors feel that their sermons need to be great in order for their congregations to grow, and that is usually understood in terms of growing in numbers but not necessarily in depth — fatter, but not stronger. That is put crassly, but it fiercely distresses me that the work of proclaiming the Gospel is being reduced these days to consumerist and competitive marketing terms.

We don’t preach to attract crowds; we preach because we are overwhelmed by the splendor of God’s love and overflowing with eagerness to proclaim his mercy.”

                                 ~Marva Dawn, A Royal “Waste” of Time