MarkCubanWatching Mark Cuban and Josh Howard in the aftermath of the Mavericks’ heart breaking Game Three loss Saturday evening, I was reminded why I don’t root for that team. It was nauseating. It was amateur. Juvenile. Bush League. Sickening. Disgusting.

It was embarrassing.

JoshHowardCuban running onto the floor to curse out the referees, shoving cameramen, spewing profanity at game officials and reporters and Denver Nuggets’ players’ moms. Howard having to be restrained as he angrily went after referees.

Are you kidding me? Cuban acts like a three-year-old girl throwing a tantrum in a grocery store or on a daycare playground. It’s embarrassing. It’s humiliating. And it happens all the time.

Just Shut Up!It’s beyond the owner to see that his team missed four free-throws in the fourth quarter, two in the final 2:12. He doesn’t NiceThreeunderstand that his star player, Dirk Nowitzki, missed 6 of his last seven shots and didn’t hit a bucket in the final seven minutes. Dirk’s missed three-point attempt with a two point lead and nobody under the basket to rebound with eight seconds to play was typical. And it killed them. Not to mention giving up that dunk to Carmelo Anthony on the play before. Typical. Killer. And it has nothing to do with Antoine Wright’s pitiful foul attempt at the end.

I hope the Mavs get blown out by 40 tonight. I hope Cuban’s suspended for the first ten games next year.

It’s embarrassing.




  1. payton

    for the last couple of years the mavericks have seemed to be the best of the dfw sports teams, and so i cheered for them. the attitudes, the lack of clutch performace, the little girl acting by cuban do make me ashamed though. i don’t cheer for the poor decisions and outside of the sport lives of the players. they should have beat the heat when they had the chance, they shouldn’t have let denver dominate them. maybe as you’ve said about the cowboys, it’s the owner that’s the problem.

    the rangers are still doing good right, maybe there’s hope.

    and i do like how you smash the mavs and then end your post in peace. i think it’s good that you end that way, it’s just funny.

    peace my brother.

  2. Caleb Courtney

    Allan your post is insulting to 3 year old girls 😉

  3. Weldon McKinney

    Well, I like and appreciate Cuban’s passion. He love his team and he loves his fans. He is by far the best thing that has happened to the NBA in a long time. I will not spend time proving my premise, but I do have strong logic to support it.

    Mark is not just an owner, he is also a fan. And since we do share emails from time to time, I do know another side of him.

    To be sure there are political things in which we disagree, but he has always shown respect to my thoughts.

    Guess, I wish he had not been trashed here so badly. I understand his weaknesses and he was out-of-line. He has publically agologized and he attempting to repair relationships with K-Mart and his family.

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