Today is Central’s Day of Prayer and Fasting, one of our church’s many responses to the virus crisis. Our whole church is abstaining from food today in an effort to keep a sharp focus on our prayers as we lift up our voices and hearts together to God.

The Central Chapel is open today until 5pm and people have been trickling in and out for several hours now, sitting alone in this sacred space to spend a few moments with God in prayer. We’re also live-streaming from the Chapel all day until 5pm. Our elders and ministers are introducing a different emphasis for our prayers, reading a passage of Scripture, and leading us in prayer at the top of every hour. You can find it streaming on our Central Facebook page and on our Central YouTube channel. Leave it on all day or just check in when you need a quiet place to pray.

We are praying for healing, for our health care providers, for our church family, for the world’s leaders, and asking that God would use this time to draw men and women to himself.

We are confident that our God is right now working all things together for the good of his people, for the good of his wonderful creation, and for the sake of his eternal Kingdom. May he bless us and bless the world as we pray together today.