Happy San Jacinto Day!

I put on my Texas socks this morning and ate a breakfast burrito on my way to the church building while listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s third studio album, “Soul to Soul.” I’d say that’s a pretty great start to a day when we celebrate General Sam Houston’s victory over Santa Anna’s army in 1836 that established the great Republic of Texas.

I would suggest some Mesquite smoked BBQ for lunch today and enchiladas for dinner. I would also suggest you take 40-minutes and listen to any Stevie Ray Vaughan album from start-to-finish. “Couldn’t Stand the Weather,” “Texas Flood,” or “Soul to Soul” — those are my personal favorites. I’ll also count any ZZ Top album pre-“Eliminator” as an appropriate San Jacinto Day commemoration. If you’re looking for a uniquely Texas way to celebrate while you’re sheltering-in-place, I’d recommend watching the movie “Bernie,” starring Jack Black, Matthew McConaughey, and Shirley McClain. That’s about as Texas as anything that’s been made since Lonesome Dove. If you’re wanting to binge watch a TV series, you can’t go wrong with Friday Night Lights.

If you’d like some other ideas, Texas Monthly has some suggestions in “How to Hunker Down Like a Texan.” This article recommends books by Texas authors, music and movies with Texas ties, and links to museums and other sites in our great state that offer free virtual tours.

You might also carve out some time to thank the Lord above that you live in such a magnificent place as Texas. Unless you don’t live in Texas. In that case, you might read Habakkuk or Psalm 88.

Peace, y’all!