“The Lord, the Lord…abounding in love and faithfulness.” ~Exodus 34:6

Abounding in Love & FaithfulnessThe Hebrew word is emeth. It means faithfulness. Firmness. Truth. Fidelity. Steadfastness. It’s volitional, not emotional. That means it will not quit. It will never quit. It remains true to the course. Devoted to the commitment. Loyal to the promise.Faithfulness always finishes what it starts.

Another Hebrew word that comes from emeth is “amen.” When we say “amen” after a prayer, we’re affirming the words of that prayer, its truth. We are participating in that prayer. We’re saying, “Those are words I’ve prayed with that person. I’m with that person who just prayed that prayer.”

In a way, God says these words to us and about us by revealing himself as faithful. This marvelous facet of God’s eternal glory is a word of confirmation to us. God says, “I’m with this person.”

“I’m with you.”

And he proves it by coming to earth, putting on flesh, suffering as a human, and staying true to the course all the way to the cross. Faithful to the promise to forgive our sins. Devoted to the plan to redeem us as his chosen people. Loyal to his Word to breathe his Spirit into us and give us eternal life.

“God, who has called you into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful.” ~1 Corinthians 1:9