Every Day is Election Day

I keep hearing that the office up for public election today is for the “leader of the free world” and the “most powerful man in the world.” Funny, I don’t see the title “Christ” or the name “Jesus” on the ballot.

Certainly, the office of President of the United States carries a lot of power as it relates to the kingdoms of this world. Today’s winner will wield much political influence in this world. Today’s democratically elected man will run the largest and most deadly military machine in the history of the world. He will oversee a complex economic system that informs and shapes the rest of the kingdoms of this planet.

But when/if you pull a lever or punch a chad today at the public school or the neighborhood library, you will not be voting for the “most powerful man in the world.” That title alone belongs to our risen and sovereign King Jesus.

And we vote for him every single day.

Every day, every decision you make is a vote for or against our Lord. Your decision to respond with forgiveness to someone who harms you instead of retaliation is a vote for the Messiah. Your decision to serve someone with love instead of ignoring them in apathy is a vote for the Anointed One. Your decision to delete the mean-spirited email instead of forwarding it to others is a vote for the way of the Savior. When you reach out instead of withdraw, when you give instead of take, when you show mercy instead of judgment, you are casting a vote for our King Jesus.

Jesus has shown us that self-giving love and sacrificial service are the only ways to truly save this fallen world. As disciples of his, every moment of every day is an opportunity to either endorse Jesus and his politics or reject him and his ways as unrealistic. For followers of the Christ, every day is Election Day.




  1. jason reeves

    Jesus for president!

  2. Mom

    Today is not any different from yesterday or tomorrow. No election is going to change how I live my life in Christ. It’s interesting how most of the world thinks that one man or group of men can change the world is a positive direction when their thoughts are only on themselves.

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