I wanted to share a couple of pictures before I hit the sack after a long first day of sight-seeing in Israel which included our first schnitzels and falafels and re-learning how to pronounce Armageddon (with the emphasis on the second syllable; you try it).


caesareatheaterThe day began in beautiful Caesarea Maritima, the sprawling government complex of King Herod the Great. The Mediterranean Sea’s deep blue waves were coming in especially fast and high today, providing a dramatic backdrop to the two thousand year old ruins of Herod’s luxurious palace, his administrative buildings, the theater, and the hippodrome. In the pictures above, Anton explains the party patio concept of Herod’s back yard to our group and he leads us through the tunnel into the massive theater.

We are staying on the shores of the Sea of Galilee tonight and will make this our home base for our next three days of touring.

All those same Indians fans from Cleveland are in our hotel tonight and are scrambling trying to find a way to watch tonight’s historic Game Seven. It’ll get underway at just after 2:30am Israel time. I wish them luck. I don’t have a dog in this fight. But I do regret not being able to watch what’s promising to be a game for the ages.