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She made the team!

WildcatWhitWhitney’s made the junior high basketball team at North Ridge Middle School and she couldn’t be more excited. She’s been working extremely hard over the past four weeks, practicing with the girls after school, running, stretching, all that stuff. And we’re very proud of her and this accomplishment. She’s getting all of her final practice and scrimmage and game schedules today. And I’m pretty sure her first scrimmage is going to be this Thursday afternoon.


Hey, Jim Gardner: Congrats to your Hogs. Sorry about Nutt. Thanks for the Lampert Construction link.


The Gospel of Matthew is packed with stories of healing. Stories of Jesus and people. Stories of healing and salvation given freely by our Savior to God’s children. And in a lot of these stories there’s a common theme.

Matthew 4:24 “…people brought to him all who were ill with various diseases…”

Matthew 9:2 “Some men brought to him a paralytic…”

Matthew 9:32 “…a man who was demon-possessed and could not talk was brought to Jesus.”

Matthew 12:22 “Then they brought him a demon-possessed man…”

Matthew 14:35 “People brought all their sick to him…”

Matthew 19:13 “Then little children were brought to Jesus…”

These people Jesus healed, these people Jesus saved, these people who felt the compassionate touch of the Father through the Son were brought to Jesus. They were brought to him.

It’s not “build it and they will come.” Praise the Lord, sometimes that works. But that’s not the deal. We go get them and bring them to the Christ. As his followers, as his subjects, that’s our mission. It’s our charge as his disciples. We don’t sit around and wait on people to come to us. We got get them and bring them to Jesus. And shame on us and may God have mercy on us if we don’t.

We cannot call ourselves disciples of Jesus and have a low view of evangelism. It’s impossible. It’s like calling yourself an American and having a low view of freedom. It’s like calling yourself a carpenter and believing tools are unnecessary. It’s like calling yourself a Cowboys fan and thinking Tom Landry was overrated. You can’t be a Texan and not say “y’all.” And you can’t be a Christian and not evangelize. It doesn’t work.

Let’s be intentional about bringing people to Christ, about bringing people into the community of Christ where they can contact that love of Jesus in the people of Jesus. Let’s bring them to a place where they can experience love and acceptance and healing and forgiveness and salvation. Let’s be fishers of men, not merely keepers of the aquarium.



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  1. Mom (Granny)

    Tell Whitney “Good job”. I knew she could do it.

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