“The Church has nothing to do but to save souls. Therefore, spend and be spent in this work.” ~John Wesley

God saves people. That’s his work. It’s what he does.

God rescues from slavery. He delivers from exile. He provides food and water in the desert. He opposes the oppressor. He champions the weak and defenseless. He stills the storms. He gives sight to the blind and causes the lame to walk again. He protects and defends. He’s our Shield and our very great Reward. He’s the Rock. He’s the Refuge. He provides shelter. He turns turmoil into peace. He transfers sickness into health. He shines light into the darkness and brings life out of death.

That’s God’s work. It’s what he does. And it never stops. God is out there in his world right now today doing these works with his children. He’s out there loving and blessing people, redeeming and reconciling people, and defeating the enemies of his people.

And we join him in that work.

Every time the Gospel is preached, every time a sick person is cured, every time a church is planted, every time a hungry child is fed, every time a woman is baptized, every time a homeless man is given a bed, we are joining God in his work.

Sunday is Missions Sunday at Legacy.

The goal is $200,000 to fund the entire local and foreign missions budget for 2009.

As a church family we’ve studied and preached and prayed and sung about it. We’ve done the math. We’ve read the brochures and pamphlets, hung banners and worn buttons, studied pledge cards and learned a new song. We’ve heard from MITS, LST, BandS, and Fortress. We’ve seen David Nelson’s new haircut and Corey and Emily Mullins’ pajamas. We’ve seen pictures of neglected children, lost souls, and pregnant goats. We’ve been inspired by our missionaries and challenged by our shepherds.

And now it’s time to give.

Legacy to the World!