Update on The Whitster

WhitIt’s not fluid behind her eyes pushing on her brain and optic nerves causing the swelling and intense headaches. It’s calcium deposits.

Following the ultrasound on her eyes late yesterday in Dallas, doctors tell us that it’s fairly unusual, which fits the profile of our oldest daughter perfectly. It seems that since she was born she’s been defying the odds. Almost everytime a doctor says, “There’s a chance this awful thing could happen, but only about a one or two-percent chance…” it happens with Whitney. Bless her heart. We keep threatening to have her go buy a bunch of lottery tickets for us. She’s always beating the odds.

The calcium deposits were probably just there when she was born, or shortly thereafter. They say it’s not hereditary. And it’s not something that’s just recently developed. It’s just that the small percentage of people who have this (it’s called “Optic Disc Drusen”…sounds made up to me) usually don’t begin to notice the effects until they hit adolescence. So here we are.

In addition to causing the headaches, the calcium deposits are taking away her peripheral vision. She’s gradually, but steadily, losing it. And there’s no cure. Just treatment. They’re going to do another field test on December 7 to measure her peripheral vision again to see how slowly or quickly this thing’s progressing. And, depending on how that goes, they’re going to attempt to control the impact with drops to manage the swelling and the pressure on her optic nerves.

Right now, that’s about all we know. There’s a whole list of other things this probably leads to years from now. But right Whitneynow we’re just taking this a step at a time.

Dear friends, please do us the honor of lifting our oldest child up to our Father in prayer. Pray for healing. Ask our God to deliver Whitney from the effects of this condition. May his great love and power be demonstrated in our daughter. And may he also use this time in our lives to shape us and mold us in ways that will impact his Kingdom.




  1. Bryce

    Allan, Your family is always in my prayers. Whitney will go to the top of the list. Love you guys and miss you. Bryce

  2. Jill

    We are praying for Whitney, and y’all, too.

  3. Jenn

    You got it. We are praying for everyone in the Stanglin Family.

  4. jv

    “Lifting up sweet Whitney to you, dear Lord, we ask you to provide healing to her body, peace to her heart, and comfort to her family, by the power of Your Holy Spirit, and in the name of Jesus. Amen”

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