The last several years have been a very difficult season for this church on Golf Course Road. Some folks would say that’s an understatement. The Adversary has thrown a lot at this community of faith. We’ve endured turmoil and upheaval and chaos that some churches couldn’t have survived. For a long time we’ve been putting out fires and dealing with situations and cleaning upĀ  messes and fixing issues – we’ve been working so hard just to hold everything together, it hasn’t allowed us the time or energy to do much else.

But, now it’s time.

By the grace of God, the Lord has faithfully brought us through that time to this time. This is the time to stop talking about what GCR should be doing or could be doing, to stop looking back to what GCR used to do or wishing ahead to what GCR ought to do. This is the time for all of us to get it in the car together, with each other, and put the thing in gear, and finally get out of the driveway and go. It’s time right now for us to be the people God is calling us to be and to do together what God is calling us to do for the sake of Midland and all of West Texas and maybe even the world.

I’m excited about this time. I hope you are, too.

What we’re proposing is not a re-launch or a re-start. We’re not blowing anything up and we’re not throwing anything away. It’s a Breakthrough to transformation and mission. We start rolling it out at 10:15 this Sunday morning.

You ready?