“My God is my rock in whom I take refuge.” ~Psalm 18:2

CavesAtEnGediThe stories of David and his men hiding from King Saul and his men are packed with eye-opening contrasts between the two men anointed by God. Saul trusts in his own power and his own armies and has no choice but to rely on the spy efforts and information from his men because God is not speaking to him anymore. His attitude and his continual disobedience have resulted in Saul basically being on his own. On the other hand, David trusts completely in his God. And God protects David and delivers him from the enemy.

David learns the truth of God as his rock and his fortress in the wilderness of En Gedi (1 Samuel 23-24). He found the EnGediWadisafety and strength and salvation from the two-thousand foot cliffs riddled with hundreds of caves and the life-giving water at the bottom of the wadi to be symbolic of the provision of his loving God. No, more than that, he saw it as the actual protection and provision of his God.

Today, we reside in a spiritual landscape that is every bit as hostile, threatening, and dangerous as David’s enemies out in the Judean desert. Just like David suffering from thirst and mortal danger, we too in a spiritual sense face death and destruction. Where does our help come from? Where can we find safety and hope and salvation? It is only found in one place, in God, through his Son Jesus, the Christ. Just like stepping into an oasis filled with life-giving water or into an impregnable mountain fortress, when you enter Jesus you are truly safe. The things of this world and the things of the other evil spiritual forces cannot harm you.

Run, don’t walk. Run to the rock of salvation and hope. Run to the Lord. Call on him and he will hear you and deliver you.

“He is a shield for all who take refuge in him. For who is God besides the Lord? And who is the Rock except our God?” ~Psalm 18:30-31