Carley, our baby, the Bear, turns 20 today.






When I called her at almost 10:00 this morning to sing Happy Birthday to her, we talked about her college professors, a couple of her courses, and the rush activities she’s attending this week as a sophomore at Oklahoma Christian University. We talked about the indisputable truth that we’re both so much older than we feel. We discussed our plans for Christmas which — good grief — might be the next time we see her. We talked about the hail damage to her Jeep. And I commented on the video I saw last night of her smacking a softball through the middle of the infield for a base hit in an intramural game against Theta.

It happens fast, man.

She’s 20.








She’s a wonderfully talented, beautifully gifted, hilariously funny, amazingly driven, Christ-pursuing, classic rock loving, super smart young lady who’s got a million different fantastic experiences in front of her. And she seems to be enjoying all of them. I thank God for Carley and what he’s doing in her and through her right now. And I’m beside myself with anticipation for what she’s going to be doing to his glory in the coming years. But today I’m just trying to catch my breath and let the realization that she’s 20-years-old sink in. She’s got a college roommate and a degree plan and a great job. And a Jeep.

And she’s 20.







Happy Birthday, Bear. I love you.