Happy Sunday from Santiago, Chile! This is the weekly anniversary of the day our God’s Holy Spirit brought out crucified King out of the tomb and made him Lord over all forever and ever. This is the day God’s ekklesia, his Church, his “called out” people assemble in joyful celebration of that great victory. We sing songs of loudest praise; we raise our voices and our hearts in grateful prayers of thanksgiving and adoration; we come together around a common table to share a common meal in the name and in the manner of our Savior who has reconciled us to our God and to one another forever.

We do it in Amarillo, in Santiago, and in Kharkov, Ukraine. We do it in Fort Worth, in Kilgore, and in La Paz, Bolivia. God’s people do this every Sunday in Austin and Oklahoma City, Sao Paulo and Sydney, Tokyo and Bangkok. For two thousand years now, ever since our Christ walked out of that garden tomb and ate dinner with his disciples, God’s children have come together every Sunday to celebrate that great victory over sin and death.

Today is that day.

While we miss our friends and family at Central, we take great joy in knowing that we are communing with them in spirit and in truth around our Lord’s table this morning.

Happy Sunday!