You want to guarantee energy and enthusiasm for the grand finale of your children’s Christmas program? You want to provide the best picture opportunities for the parents? Then give the kids inflatable electric guitars and cut ’em loose!

Our GCR Children’s Ministry put on their annual Christmas program for our church last night and it was a smashing success. The theme was “The Best Christmas Song Ever.” Turns out, it’s not Blue Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, or Winter Wonderland. It’s not Hark, the Herald Angels Sing or Joy to the World. It’s some song written by some corporate children’s ministry writer named Yancy. Who knew?





Carrie-Anne and I were completely delighted by the whole production. We just laughed our way through the whole thing, watching these kids try to make it through the 30-minute show. The squirming kids who don’t really want to be up there at all. The superstar extroverts who hog the microphones and crowd out their co-performers with their oversized hand and arm motions. The kid who kept waving at his dad. The one who tried to exit the stage at two different times, only to be corralled and hauled back up to his position by a helpful volunteer. The squirrelly ones who were only trying to get a laugh. The ones who beamed as they delivered their well-rehearsed lines so precisely. The ones who stumbled through theirs, only to let out a huge sigh of relief when it was over. Each one of these kids brought C-A and me so much joy last night.






Congratulations to Kristin and Ashlee and their whole team of incredible volunteers for a spectacular show! If they’ll ask me to sing Blue Christmas at next year’s show, I think I could convince a few to put it in the Top Ten.