Quote from Augustine That I'm Feeling Today

“My own way of expressing myself almost always disappoints me. I am anxious for the best possible, as I feel it in me before I start bringing it into the open in plain words; and when I see that it is less impressive than I had felt it to be, I am saddened that my tongue cannot live up to my heart.”


  1. mom

    Makes me wonder what you said that didn’t make any sense.

  2. Allan

    Nothing. And everything. It happens almost every Sunday.

  3. Gary L. Villamor

    Thank you for the wonderful quote. I had no idea that Augustine, or anyone else, ever felt the way I do each Sunday morning.

  4. Allan

    Thank you, Gary, for confirming that it’s not just me, either. The richness of the Word and the depths of God’s love for us and our grateful response to that love and our radical calling as disciples stirs the very best in my heart and my brain every week. And then my words, most of the time, seem completely inadequate to communicate what’s in my heart. It’s humbling. And it’s another sure sign and reminder that I’m not doing anything. It’s God, my heavenly Father, who does everything.

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