This Sunday is Missions Sunday here at Central. The goal is $275,000 to fund and expand our current and brand new foreign missions efforts for the sake of the world. Unlikely? Maybe. Improbable? Perhaps.

Good! That means it’s definitely going to happen!

If we’ve learned anything in our study of Jonah this month, it’s that our God’s strength is seen in our weakness. His power is revealed in our inadequacy. He does his greatest work when the odds are stacked against him.

Last year, our ambitious goal of $250,000 was blown out of the water when the Lord provided more than $353,000 on Missions Sunday. The same thing is going to happen this time. I’m assuming, if you’re part of the Central church, you want to be in on it.

As a church family we’ve studied and preached, fasted and prayed about it. We’ve done the math. We’ve read brochures and pamphlets, purchased cookies and bracelets, held garage sales, and given up gourmet coffee and golf. We’ve heard from Tony Morrow, Seth Bouchelle, Junior and Patricia Lira, Neely Borger, and Bret McCasland. We’ve seen a lot of pictures, watched a few videos, and learned a new song. We’ve been inspired by our missionaries and challenged by our elders.

Now it’s time to give.

I’m anticipating a wonderful morning together as we express and practice our commitment to spreading the good news and as our God reveals his glory to us in surprising and powerful ways. May our hearts be opened to God’s call, may our lives be transformed by his Spirit, and may Christ Jesus be eternally praised.