Interesting TimesWe live in interesting times.

One hundred years ago the German philosophers and theologians were telling us that things were getting better. Science and technology were making us better people. All our problems would soon be solved. World peace would soon be the result of all our science and technology and education. City and state police departments would soon be obsolete. There would be no need for armies of any kind.

Then came two bloody World Wars. And self-indulgent Baby Boomers. And whiny Generation-Xers. And national security crisis. And economic crisis. And health care crisis.

The BP oil spill is nearly 100 days old.

And now we’re hearing and reading that people are losing their faith in science and technology. Science and technology can’t solve the world’s problems. Science and technology don’t have all the answers. This world is too big and too broken to be fixed by science and technology and government and education and armies and wealth.

We live in interesting times.

Today seems like the perfect time to remind ourselves and the world where our faith lies. Not in science or technology, education or wealth, armies or governments, vaccines or oil. Now’s the time to preach it and teach it; now’s the time to sing it and shout it; now’s the time to live it! Now’s the time to tell the world — your street, my community, our world — that our hope is built on nothing less than the faithful love of Almighty God, eternal salvation from his Son, and the earth-altering power of his Holy Spirit!