What’s the over-under on the date Plaxico Burress becomes a Dallas Cowboy? Put me down for April 23, 2009. That’s a Thursday right before the spring mini-camps, giving the team enough time to get their new receiver on all the Sunday night sports shows.

Have you seen Dallas Stars coach Dave Tippett’s comments regarding his out-of-control winger, Sean Avery? Can you imagine Jerry Wayne¬†ever reacting that way when a Cowboys player gets out of line? Are the Cowboys looking for a weakside linebacker? What’s the over-under on Avery showing up at Valley Ranch?


My time with Lynn Anderson and the “Waco Alliance” this week was truly a blessing. I’m going to write much more tomorrow about some of our conversations in San Antonio. Today I’ll share with you something he said that captures completely the role and the heart of a preacher or an elder—any shepherd of God’s people. What’s our vision? What is our God calling us to be? How is he calling us to act?

At some point Tuesday afternoon, this is what Lynn said. Mostly. This is a paraphrase.

Those driven by success are drawn to people who orchestrate great programs. Those seeking applause are drawn to people who get good press. Those looking for pleasure are drawn to people who show them a good time. Vengeance-oriented people are drawn to angry gangs. God-hungry people are drawn to those who possess and exhibit a spiritual vision of what God is doing in this world.

It’s all summed up in the mission statement for Lynn’s Mentor Network: “A spiritual leader is the kind of person God-hungry people want to be like.”

Do disciples of Jesus want to be like me? Do dedicated Christians look at my life and see something worth imitating? How about you? Are you turning people on or off? Do people look at you and see Jesus?




  1. Rob's Dad

    Probably too big a cap hit in April – maybe after June 1. That would be after Tank shows him some proper weapon handling.

    Tip isn’t the GM plus this guy is a huge pain in the ace to everyone.

  2. Allan

    Been a while since you worked in a Tank Johnson reference. Nice.
    The Stars GMs are saying the same things Tippett is saying. Even Hully.
    Those who expected Wade or Jerry Wayne to say similar things in the wake of PacMan Jones’ second suspension haven’t been paying attention.

  3. Caleb Courtney

    You must have to tie sweatpants really tight in order to keep the gun in your pocket from pulling your pants down. How soon until Cincy cuts Chad Eighty-Five and he ends up here?

  4. Janie

    Ok, I’ve been reading all these comments for quite awhile now, but Silver and Blue die-hard (albeit, a rational and realistic one) fan that I am …I just HAVE to ask…Allan, where does all this ‘disdain’ for the Boys come from? Can’t tell if it;s aimed more at the management and certain players or the entire organ-I-zation (nod to the hockey references)? Just curious…

  5. Allan

    The disdain is aimed at Jerry Wayne’s clear and shameless message to all Cowboys fans that character and integrity mean absolutely nothing as long as there’s a football game to be won. He’s unapologetic. He makes no bones about it. Rap sheets and criminal histories and defiant attitudes and rebellious activities mean nothing to Jerry if the guy can run or catch. Violence, drunkenness, and utter disregard for ethical and moral standards don’t matter to the Cowboys owner and GM.

    It has nothing to do with Jerry’s firing of Landry. Nothing. It started, for me, with his hiring of Barry Switzer. Naming a convicted cheater who openly flaunted the rules and laws as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys started this team where, I suppose, Jerry was determined to take it from the very start. Michael Irvin. Nate Newton. Mark Tuinei. Erik Williams. Nicky Sualua. Deion Sanders. Dwayne Goodrich. Keyshawn Johnson. Alonzo Spellman. Terrell Owens. Tank Johnson. PacMan Jones.

    Jerry himself ran from police when they pulled him over for speeding on the way to his grandson’s baptism one Sunday morning, remember? They weren’t writing the ticket fast enough, so he fled the scene.

    Landry and Schramm traded or cut Duane Thomas, Lance Rentzel, Hollywood Henderson, Rafael Septien and others who broke the law. Jerry Wayne makes excuses for them and sends the intentional message that it’s OK to break the law and ignore the rules if you’re a good football player. How can you root for that? Come on, don’t you feel a little dirty when you cheer for T.O. and PacMan?

    Did you see that the Houston Texans beat the Packers at Lambeau yesterday?

  6. Caleb Courtney

    Awe what’s wrong with MEshawn Johnson? He looks the angel now. I think the message is character unlike defense, doesn’t win championships. (Ravens ’01 Super Bowl among others) It’s said when good guys like Moose, Troy, Woody, Novachek, Emmitt, etc get over looked.

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