You can fertilize your lawn. You can mow and edge, water and weed. You can get your yard in Chamber of Commerce shape, putting green great. But it won’t last forever.

You can clean out your garage. You can throw away and sweep. You can organize and shelve, hang and hook for three straight weekends. You can buy a bunch of plastic bins and put all the junk up in the attic. You can get your garage into mint move-in condition. But it won’t last forever.

You can scrub your oven and vacuum the carpets. You can get a haircut and a manicure. You can wash the car and repaint the kids’ rooms. But it won’t be perfect forever.

We can clean up our church. We can plant new flowers, clear out from under the stairwells, and plug all the holes with spackle. We can polish off another mission statement, coordinate our ministries, re-emphasize our doctrines, and unify our beliefs. But it won’t be nice and neat forever.

We can choose to share Jesus with a neighbor. We can love the guy¬†across the street in Christ’s name. We can reach out to strangers and friends, men and women, rich and poor, with our Father’s mercy and grace. And they will be changed forever. They will be transformed, radically and dramatically re-made for eternity. They will never be the same again. Ever.

The Apostle Peter gets a clear call from our God in Acts 10 to get out of his comfort zone and take the Gospel to people who don’t look like him, talk like him, or think like him. Peter was shocked by the command. And he was astonished by the results.

Jesus says the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.