I live in the United States and they have a president here. They have governors and senators and mayors and congresspeople. All the people here are deeply divided. And desperate. And afraid. Angry. Hurt. Confused. Violent. Bitter. Outraged. Torn apart.

I am a citizen of the Kingdom of God. Lots of us are. And we have a King. An eternal King. This beautiful King has destroyed all the barriers that divide. He has assured us of his continuous presence and his faithful promises. He has  commanded us to not fear. He has given us perfect peace. He has healed our wounds.

But somehow a whole bunch of us have become mixed up with these  rival kingdoms and their attitudes and agendas. We are saved by the love of God, forgiven by the blood of Christ, and called by the Holy Spirit to belong to the lordship of Jesus and to live in and proclaim his everlasting Kingdom. But some of us act like the people of this country are going to be healed and peace is going to reign if only everybody would just vote correctly.

The people of this country need a peace that surpasses all understanding and can come only from our Lord. They need healing that only God through the righteous life, atoning death, and glorious resurrection of Jesus can provide. They need forgiveness. They need comfort. Reconciliation. Acceptance. Unity. Compassion. Empathy. Grace. Love.

Christians know our hope does not rest in politicians or parties, platforms or partisan posturing. Our prayers are not answered in Austin or Washington D.C. Our salvation does not come from elections or laws, flags or speeches. But we need to be reminded. Often.

We have a King and his name is Jesus. He is not up for election. He has been crucified and raised to eternal life by the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth for the salvation of this world. He has become for us our righteousness, holiness, and redemption. Despite what’s happening all around us, he alone is making everything new. And he calls his followers to practice peace. And healing. And forgiveness. Comfort. Reconciliation. Acceptance. Unity. Compassion. Empathy. Grace. Love.

May our God bless us richly with his peace. And may his people behave in the name and manner of our risen and coming King.