It’s like being in Memphis and not knowing that if you don’t say “without” they’ll put a huge scoop of cole slaw right on top of your barbecue sandwich. It’s jarring. It’s shocking. Almost traumatic. The first time you order St. Peter’s fish in a Galilean restaurant and don’t say “without the head” can be a transformative experience. The fish always comes out on the plate with its head intact, eyeballs and all. Our waiter at the seaside open air Bedouin-style restaurant said it’s “Smiling Fish.”

I said “Without.”

Elaine and Steve always say “With!”


cpfishI wanted to share a few more pictures from our second full day of touring here in the Galilee region of Israel. The following shots are of Mary Ann serving as Anton’s example during his description of the Seat of Wisdom at the synagogue in Chorazim and then Jana, Cindy, Misty, and Mary Ann posing inside that same synagogue.



These next pictures are of our group on the boat in the middle of the Sea of Galilee at dusk Thursday evening. The second one is Anton and me.


We’re having a great time in Israel. Some tears were shed at an emotional after-dinner meeting as we acknowledged together that our God is revealing himself to us all in surprising and powerful ways over here. I’m always fascinated by what some people find as deeply significant and others find as inconsequential. Some people are moved by the strangest things and some people barely offer a courteous nod to sites and experiences that have changed my life. I am filled with great joy as I am so privileged to share these beautiful moments with these people who are quickly becoming great friends.