Buy Into Us?

Three-and-a-half days after suffering the most humiliating playoff loss in franchise history, giving up the most points ever in a playoff game, choking away the #2 seed at home, and capping the 28th straight year now without winning a divisional playoff game, here is the news out of Dallas Cowboys headquarters:

The head coach will be back.

The quarterback will be back.

The general manager will be back.

Makes perfect sense.

Until today, there was nothing more chilling to Cowboys fans than hearing Jerry Wayne say, “Our goal is to win Super Bowls and I know what it takes to do that.” But, after learning he would retain his position as the Cowboys head coach, Mike McCarthy told reporters today, “I believe that the leadership is in place. I came to Dallas to win the world championship. And that’s why I’m standing here. Buy into us.”

Buy into us?

It’s like if three days after they put out the Hindenburg, they said, “Hook up the hoses, boys; let’s try it again!” and asked you to buy a ticket.

The Cowboys fans I’m talking to are disgusted with the outcome of their season and they’re aghast at the prospect of McCarthy and Prescott running (scratch that) passing the offense and no Dan Quinn to guide the defense. They’re ripping Dak, they’re blaming McCarthy, they’re cursing Jerry. Buy into us? How can we? That’s what they’re saying today.

Give them until the combine and the draft. Give them four or five free agent signings. Let them ink a 400-pound defensive tackle. Let them find a reliable number two wide receiver. Wait for them to trade for a linebacker. Wait for training camp. Wait for Jerry to say this is the most excited he’s ever been before the start of a season. Wait for McCarthy to say this is the most talent and the most cohesion he’s ever experienced with any team. Wait for the inevitable explanation that the latest wild card disaster has left a terrible and unforgettable taste in their mouths, it has forged them into a stronger and more determined team, and they’re built now to take that championship step. And then listen to the Cowboys fans proclaim 2024 is the year.

Buy into us?

Don’t worry, Mike. Cowboys fans always do.




  1. Rob's Dad

    It’s an 81 soon to be 82 yr old owner making a business decision on his best odds right now.

    20 yrs ago, McCarthy is gone on Sunday or Monday.

    ps – I really appreciate the nuance of your hard count. I rocked in my stance but kept my hand on the ground. To quote the original and best #88 “Hut hut”

    • Allan

      Dude, I am not arguing for the firing of McCarthy or Quinn or Dak. I am pointing out that those things are not the issue. The 81-year-old making the decisions is the issue and has been since he ran Jimmy away.

  2. Beverly Stanglin

    He wasn’t 81 then.

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