When you eat cheesecake for breakfast, I’m not sure how you improve on your day from there. That sets a pretty high bar, man. Nowhere to go but downhill. But that feels very typical for our youngest daughter, Carley, who turns 23 today. How else would she celebrate than with cheesecake and Starbucks?

Carley and Collin are watching college football on a rainy day inside their 18th floor apartment in downtown Nashville. And I’m missing our little bear. We didn’t have enough time to prepare for their wedding and subsequent move to Tennessee – it happened too fast. I still feel like Carley is away at school or on a trip with friends and she’ll be back with us here in Midland in a few weeks.

But then I’m jolted back into reality when I talk to Carley and Collin on speakerphone. They’re married. They both love their jobs. They both love exploring their new surroundings in a really fun big city.  They’re doing great. And we’re so proud and happy for them both.

I love you, Carley. I know you’re having a fabulous birthday weekend. And we can’t wait to see you soon in your new digs.