I’m not going to attempt to describe last night’s “Uniting as One” worship service at the Hodgetown ballpark in downtown Amarillo. All I know is that more than four-thousand disciples of Jesus came together from our city and from many of the Top26 counties, all different colors, all different races, all different Christian denominations, all different ages, and all different backgrounds, to express our love for our Lord and our commitment to the unity of his people. And it was glorious.






We were asked to wear masks and they had us all spread out pretty good in there. Fifty-percent capacity and assigned seats. But it was glorious.





I thank God that he’s got me in this great city with all these wonderful Christian brothers and sisters. I thank him for the opportunity to experience something that most Jesus followers in this country never experience. I’m grateful for the new friendships and partnerships in the Gospel God is privileging me to explore.






I’m stunned by the way God turned that stadium into a sanctuary — the holiness of what happened in there. I’m hopeful for the opportunities ahead of us together — the energy of last night translating into significant and lasting change. And I’m certain that our Lord is going to bless us as we seriously pursue his will for us to live and worship and serve together in deeper, richer community.






“How good, how delightful it is when all live together like brothers… For there the Lord bestows his blessing, even life forevermore.”
~Psalm 133

Peace and Unity,