80 Days!!

There are 80 days until football season.

80 days until Thursday August 30, when the first day of the college football season climaxes with an SEC tilt between LSU and Mississippi State from Starkville on ESPN.And I can’t wait.

I never realized how long the NBA playoffs were when the Mavericks were in it to the end. But after they embarrassed the entire state of Texas with their heartless exit to Golden State, I haven’t really cared that much for any of it. The Spurs are up two games to none, right? Who cares?

The Stars can’t seem to get past the first round since Eddie Belfour put on his FUBU shirt and kissed Big D goodbye. And despite my die-hard love for the hapless Rangers……

when’s football season?

80 Days!

And to celebrate every day of the countdown, to rejoice in every day we get closer to the glorious beginning of the only season that really counts, I’m going to unveil the best football player of all time to wear the jersey number corresponding to that day. The football players on my list aren’t necessarily my favorites to wear that particular number. But they are certainly the best. Some of them are college. Some are pro. Most of them played at least parts of their careers in Texas.I hope you enjoy the countdown as just a small part of this daily blog. It won’t dominate the blog. It’ll enhance it.

Today’s #80 is Jerry Rice.

Jerry RiceNot my favorite #80 of all time. Steve Largent gets the nod there, with Kellen Winslow and even Tony “Thrill” Hill somewhere in the mix. #80 was also my number as a wide receiver at Dallas Christian High School for Larry Richmond’s Bomb Squad teams of the mid ’80s. (That’s a nod to you Dean Stewart and Terry Godoy, wherever you are.) But it’s impossible to argue with Rice’s career:

20 NFL seasons, 13 regular season records, 8 playoff records, eleven Super Bowl records, two Pro Bowl records, and 3 Super Bowl rings. Out of little bitty Mississippi Valley State, he was the 16th pick of the 49ers in ’85. The attitude that occasionally flashed—including the time he complained of racism when Joe Montana was given a Super Bowl MVP award instead of him—detracts from some of his accomplishments in my book. But he was undoubtedly the best to ever wear #80.

Happy Birthday, Sharon. I love you, little sister. I can’t wait for y’all to get back from Europe and show me all your amazing pictures.




  1. Dave Griffin

    Whats Up Larry?
    I miss you guys like crazy! Hope things r going well with ya’ll in Legacy Land! I know this comment has nothing to say about football, i just wanted to let you know i was thinking about you! God Bless
    In His Name,

  2. Allan


    I’m thinking about y’all all the time. We’re getting ready today for what our youth group here calls Messy Games Day. They all get out here on the church lawns and really mess each other up with water, whipped cream, oatmeal, eggs, you name it, and get really gross and slimy. I know you and Brian and Jasmine and all your little friends down there in the Marvelous Falls would love it. Talk to Jimmy. It’s not too late to initiate the same thing down there. Tell everyone “hey.” Miss y’all.



  3. minezamac

    I can’t believe you didn’t choose that ultra famous Cowboy, Terrel Owens. I mean he is number 80 as well and even he will tell you he is the best of all time. 😉

  4. Allan

    As he said three or four years ago in Philly, “I love me some me!”

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