The worst thing the ten spies said to God’s people upon their return from scouting out the Promised Land isn’t that the Canaanites are bigger and stronger. It isn’t that the cities are too big and too well fortified. It isn’t that we seem like grasshoppers in their eyes.

The worst thing they said was, “We seem like grasshoppers in our own eyes.” (Numbers 13:33)

It’s OK to seem like grasshoppers in the world’s eyes. There’s nothing wrong with being seen as grasshoppers in the eyes of the community. But God’s people who have the promises of God and have experienced the past history of God’s deliverance and salvation are not grasshoppers!

God already said, “I’m giving it to you.” Joshua and Caleb can’t believe their ears. Caleb says, “Wait, we can do this. We should do this. We have to do this.”

But the people say, “No, the obstacles are too big and we are too small.”

But Caleb, who understands the promises of God, says, “It’s not about how small we are, it’s about how big our God is.”

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; the God of Joshua and Caleb; the God of David and Jonathan; the God of our risen Lord Jesus is a God who slays giants and destroys enemies and conquers lands. And that God of Israel is the God of you and the God of me. And he gives us that same great power in his eternal promises.

You are not a grasshopper. Neither am I. The size of the obstacles and cliffs, hurdles and gaps, is nothing compared to the greatness of our God. May we take courage in the salvation past of our God and bold steps in his faithful promises.