Wilmore Funeral Home

I applaud the BooneOakley marketing company in Charlotte, NC for creating a fake funeral home for their provocative campaign. As more and more stubborn anti-vaxxers become passionate pro-ventilators, something other than science and common sense is needed. Clever marketing barely inside the parameters of good taste? Yes, please!




  1. Chris

    Allan, I have been a long time reader of your blog and appreciate it most of the time. I understand you are very pro vax and for the record I am vaccinated myself. but your tone towards those who choose to not get vaccinated is troubling to me. It comes off as very self righteous quite frankly.

  2. Allan

    Chris, I am not pro-vax; I am very pro-life. I am sorry if this comes off as self righteous. That attitude is not in my thoughts or feelings – I have nothing within me that is righteous. If you have received me in this way, it is due to my shortcomings as a writer, my inabilities to accurately convey what’s in my heart. Please forgive me. My intent is to come across as desperately seeking some way, any way, to stop more needless and completely preventable deaths.

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