We Was Robbed!

Happy birthday, Dad.

John Edward is 65 years old today. And I spent time last night gathering a bunch of photos to honor him today on the blog. OfficeDoorBut that’s all been disrupted. I walked into the¬†church building¬†at 7:30 this morning and found that the glass door to my office had been smashed with a hammer and my laptop computer gone. Jason’s office was also open and our youth intern, Brittany’s, laptop computer is gone, along with some Prayer Wristband cash that was in a jar on the counter.


Whoever it is only wanted the laptop computers. Nothing else was taken in the whole building. Ours were the only two offices that had laptops. And ours were the only two offices disturbed. They obviously knew what they were doing, where the items they coveted were located, and how to get to them quickly. They knew the exact drawer in Jason’s office where he keeps the mission trip money and had the envelopes scattered on top of his desk. They went through the sliding glass window to Suzanne’s office to get keys out of her desk. She didn’t have a key to my door. So they used a hammer.

The good news is that the NRH police officer who spent two hours with us this morning is sending the city’s crime lab out here in a couple of hours to collect the fingerprints on the glass and the desktops and the doorknobs and a tray of magic markers on Jason’s desk that was moved. There’s evidence scattered all over the place. And they’ll be collecting it and processing it soon.

But that’s also the bad news. The officer, and we in the office, feel more than certain it’s an inside job. All the clues point directly to someone who has intimate knowledge of the layout of the offices — what’s where and how to get it.

I’d much rather it be someone from outside the church. I can’t stand to think it’s probably one of my brothers and / or sisters in Christ who has done this to us.

I’ve only lost the stuff I’ve written and done since we’ve moved here. Everything else that was on my computer I still have saved on a thumb drive at the house. Sunday’s sermon was saved elsewhere. I’ve lost a few pictures of the kids and the house, some emails regarding small group ministry, and some of the bulletin articles I’ve written. Not a huge deal. Just an inconvenience and a nuisance.

The worst part is thinking it’s a member of our church family.

I almost hope we don’t find out.



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  1. Jennifer Green

    AGG! That just makes much stomach turn….When we lived in south Lousiana we worked really close with the youth group and loved those kids. We went on vacation once to return to our house broken into and many pay per view movies charged to our account. We later found out that it was one of our own boys in our own youth group and we were so incredibly hurt. He later went to jail, but apoligized and went on to straighten up his life. It was just so sad, just like what has happened up at our church. YUCK.

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