To The Hoosegow!

Help me raise $1,480 for MDAI’m going to jail. The pen. The big house. The clink. The cooler. The crossbars motel.

I’ve been informed that officials are coming here to the Legacy church offices at noon on Thursday May 13 and hauling me away to a cell in Bedford. And they will hold me there until I raise $1,480 in bail.

Actually this is all part of an MDA fundraiser. The bail money I (we) raise will fund Muscular Please donate today!Dystrophy research, repair medical equipment, fund clinics and therapy and treatment, and send local DFW kids to a summer camp.

Don’t just laugh at my predicament. Don’t just forward emails and blog comments full of lame puns and weak jokes about my plight. I need help! I’m asking you to please bail me out, knowing that your donation doesn’t just get me out of jail. The money goes to all kinds of wonderful causes.

a $300 donation is enough to provide a diagnostic workup at an MDA clinic
$150 pays for a therapy consultation
$74 funds one minute of vital research
$30 pays for a flu/H1N1 shot
The full $1,480 funds 20-minutes of Muscular Dystrophy research

MDA funds six clinics in DFW, including the one at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth.

Go to my MDA Lock-Up page, watch the cheesy video, and please pledge some money to get me out of jail.Please click here to get to my MDA donation page. Or you can click the link on my blog role there to the right. Next to the funny little video is a “donate” button that allows you to donate any amount toward my bail. Plug in $25. Donate $50. You can choose to have your name and the amount you donate displayed on my MDA page or you can remain anonymous. You can use any credit or debit card or you can choose the “bill me later” option. You can also write me a check or give me cash in My MDA Lock-Up is Thursday May 13.person. They’ve provided me with receipts to make sure you get full tax credit.

It would be great to hit the $1,480 goal before they actually show up to arrest me next Thursday. I’ll keep you posted on the progress we’re making between now and then. Please do this for me. I don’t need to stay there all day. I’ve got sermons to write!

If you can’t donate money, maybe you can bake us a helpful cake. Prison Break Cake

Thanks so much,



  1. DavidW

    Paul wrote some of his best stuff from prison…

  2. Allan

    So did John. So did Bonhoeffer.
    I think all I’m going to do is eat barbecue.

  3. Fred

    I wish I could be there to watch the arrest. Hope the staff takes pictures. Thank you for doing this.

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