Many, many times over the past six or seven years, I’ve asked people who are going through a major life thing: “What is God doing with this right now?” If you’re putting your dad in a nursing home or you’re pregnant with twins — whatever life change thing is happening, good or bad — I’m going to ask you this question: “Hey, this is pretty big. What do you think God is doing in this?”

And this is what I hear in response most of the time: “I haven’t thought about that.”

Haven’t thought about it?!? Well, for crying out loud, start thinking about it!!!

God has not abandoned you. He’s not left you alone in this. God is not on vacation somewhere and so can’t see you or help you. He has not forgotten you. “Rejoice in the Lord always. The Lord is near!” He is in this thing with you. Pay attention to what he’s doing. Don’t go through a major milestone in your life and not be changed. Don’t miss what God’s doing with you right now. Be aware. Be on the lookout.

When something really, really great happens to you, think about how God is shaping you in that. You know that every good and perfect gift comes from God. You know that the whole earth belongs to the Lord and everything in it. So every single thing belongs to God, including this great blessing he’s given you. So, you’re just a manager of this blessing, this gift. How is God wanting you to manage it? Pay attention. Ask the question.

When something really, really awful happens to you, think about how God is forming you in that. You know that God is working in all things for your ultimate good. You know that his strength is experienced in your weakness. So this tough thing is a holy opportunity for growth and witness. How is God wanting you to mature in this? How is God wanting you to testify through this? Pay attention. Ask the question.

Life is going to happen to us. Good things and bad things — that’s just the way it is. And when life happens, we can wring our hands and say, “Oh, I don’t know!” Or, we can lift our hands and say, “God knows!” and align our minds and lives with Christ. We can confidently say with Peter, “Lord, only you have the words of eternal life. Only you. You’ve got this, Lord. You’ve got me.”