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Texas is not the unanimous #1 team in this week’s poll. After holding off Oklahoma State on Saturday, the Longhorns receive 13 of 14 1st place votes. The lone dissenter is Larry T. He gives his top spot to Alabama stating, “You know where my allegiance lies. Go SEC!” Penn State and Alabama are tied 24 points behind Texas. Texas Tech moved up eight spots to the #4 position. And OU remains at #5. TCU continues to inch up the polls to #12. With Kansas falling out of our Top 20, Charlie J gives us what he promises is his last Mangino crack. I hope not. Then again, it appears Charlie truly is running out of material. Jennifer G gives us a most honest poll, placing Penn State below OU and USC in her rankings. Janie R lets her Tulsa past catch up with her by ranking the Golden Hurricane #7, while Paul D was so impressed by OSU’s performance in Austin, he put the Cowboys at #3. South Florida, Pittsburgh, and Kansas dropped out. Ball State, Minnesota, and Florida State jumped in. To view this week’s poll in its entirety, with all the comments, complete with pictures and bios of all the pollsters, click here or click on the green “KK&C Top 20” tab in the upper right corner of this front page.


JerryWayneJerry Wayne has been involved in many, many cheesy stunts over his 18 years as the owner of your Cowboys, none hokier than awarding the game ball from Sunday’s win over Tampa Bay to coach Wade Phillips. Unless it’s the guy’s 200th career win or something, you don’t give a game ball to a coach. Maybe they do that kind of thing down in Hewitt or over in Gilmer, but not in the NFL. If they felt they had to award a game ball, they should have given it to Roy Williams. No, not the Roy Williams who caught his first ever touchdown pass as a Dallas Cowboy, the only TD of the game. I’m talking about the injured reserve safety Roy Williams who was on the sidelines in street clothes. If it weren’t for that Williams forcing the NFL to adopt a horse-collar tackle rule three years ago, Ronde Barber wouldn’t have been flagged for a 15-yard penalty on a Marion Barber one-yard gain on what was a 3rd and 12 at the Tampa 48 with 40-seconds to play. Instead of punting, Dallas is awarded a first down and a stopped clock at the Bucs’ 33. And they go on to score the TD to the other Williams. Thank you, Roy Williams. *

*original thought by Aaron W at our men’s Bible study this morning.


“A society or a community that is religiously alert will invariably react to whatever may be perceived as a religious innovation because whatever is new is perceived as an implied threat or contradiction to what has already been settled by history and confirmed by tradition. The ‘innovators’ seldom see their new doctrine or practice as innovation but are quite likely to find its justification, or indeed its roots or requirements, in precisely the ‘Old-time Religion’ to which all parties appeal as jus canonicum.”

 —C. Eric Lincoln, 1974