“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.” ~Genesis 1:1-2

Before God created the heavens and the earth, there was no creation. There was nothing. Emptiness. Darkness. Chaos. Formless and void. No life. No shape. No nothing.

But God’s Spirit is near. God’s Spirit is hovering, moving over the darkness and emptiness. God looks into the formless void, he looks into the lifeless deep. And he creates. God breathes. And God speaks.

Let there be light! And there was brilliant light.

Let there be skies and seas and dry ground! And there were oceans and continents and tropical islands and vast deserts and lakes and plants and trees.

Let there be lights in the sky! And there were suns and moons and galaxies and billions of stars and morning and night and months and years and four different seasons.

And God created life! Life in the waters and life in the skies. Great varieties of birds to fill the air and amazing kinds of fish to fills the seas and rivers and lakes.

And God created the animals! Wild animals and livestock. Creeping things. Beasts and cattle. Little bugs and giant hippos. Amphibians and mammals and those weird monkeys that look like Jimmy Durante.

And God saw that it was good. It is all very good, every bit of it. And we know it’s good. It’s all so good. Why does the Grand Canyon take your breath away? Why do people weep at Niagara Falls? Why do children squeal with delight trying to catch a butterfly? Why do we put pictures of snow-capped mountains on our laptops? Why do we brag so much about the West Texas sunsets? Because it’s all so good. Everything our God creates is good.

But it’s nothing compared to what comes next. All of that is just a warm up for the main event. All the goodness and greatness of the first five-and-a-half days of creation are nothing compared to the goodness and greatness of God creating people. When God created man and woman, he blew the top off the whole thing! God creates man and woman from the dirt of the earth and into his own image. God’s holy image. And he breathes into men and women his own holy breath, the breath of his eternal life, his Holy Spirit. If you want to look at the apex of God’s creation, if you want to see God’s masterpiece, you look at people. It’s us.

We say things like, “I need to spend more time in God’s creation” and “I really sense the presence of God in creation” or “I love being in God’s creation.” We’re usually thinking about a day in the mountains, not a day with the in-laws. We much prefer time spent at the lake over time spent with people at work or church.

The way the Bible reveals creation to us, you and I are the very best part. We are the “very good” of God’s creation.

The truth of Genesis 1-2 is that our God is the Creator. God is the initiator, God is the power. And it’ s all good.

God said. God made. God created. God blessed. God gave. God formed. God breathed. God placed. God called. Over and over again, in a rhythm, in a cadence. There’s purpose here, there’s control. Where there once was darkness, God creates light. Where there was emptiness, God fills by his grace. Where there was chaos, God brings his divine order. Where there was no life, God breathes his holy breath of eternal life. And it’s all so very good.

But maybe things don’t seem so very good to you. Maybe your life or your place where God has put you isn’t so good. Maybe your life feels formless and empty. Is there a void or a darkness in your life? Does chaos reign instead of calm? Is there a pain in your soul? Is there bitterness in your heart? How much disappointment is in there? How much hurt? How much sin?

And you pray, God, create in me something new. Breathe in me, God. Form inside me. Make me. Bring to me life and light. Create in me your Spirit and your holy image.

Well, God’s Spirit is near. God’s Spirit is hovering over your darkness and emptiness. God’s Spirit is moving over your pain and your void. God is hovering. He is the Creator. And he is moving. He is near.