I’m not sureĀ  why I’m posting these pictures. They don’t do justice to the majestic views from the top of Big Mountain, the crown jewel of the Whitefish Range in northeastern Montana. Yesterday was our sightseeing day in Kalispell and we crammed as much as we could into the adventure. We rode the ski lift chairs to the top of the mountain and rode the Alpine Slide down. The temperature was in the upper 50s the whole time we were up there, but we found some picnic tables on a beautiful deck in the sun and enjoyed a great lunch surrounded by the spectacular scenes.






After that, it was on to Flat Head Lake, the largest fresh water lake in the U.S. west of the Mississippi River – twenty-seven miles long and ringed with trees and more mountains. Several of us found a shady spot on some massive rocks and thrilled in the company and the sights, while others spent their time shopping for souvenirs and fresh cherries and huckleberries in Big Fork.






Finally, our great friends, Brad and Melissa Hooley, hosted us at their home in Kalispell for a dinner of grilled steaks and all the sides. It was the perfect ending to a beautifully-timed break in the work we’re doing at The Grange, where the Mountain View Christian Church is currently meeting, and around the Kalispell community.








As a reminder, we are on a mission here. Yes, this is a mission trip. We have given The Grange a dramatic facelift — trimming trees, mowing the grounds, killing and picking weeds, spreading gravel and dirt, installing gutters, and cleaning out flower beds and parking lots at the fire hall across the street.





We’ve also set up the new MVCC pre-school, moving desks and chairs and pianos and cabinets, deep cleaning the whole facility, re-doing the playground, building a huge tire swing-hammock-thing, and praying over Lisa, the school’s director.






We are really growing to love Brad and Melissa and their four sweet kids and this whole church-planting thing in Montana. They’ve got a great plan, a great work ethic, and an unquestioned devotion to our Lord and a love for his people. And they’re a lot of fun to hang out with, too.