Today is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday in which disciples of Christ in this country publicly reaffirm our commitment to showing love, respect, and grace to every single human being. We proclaim the truth that every human life is created by our God in the image of our God and is deeply loved and cherished by our God. Every color, every gender, every race, every age; born and unborn, rich and poor, physically fit and physically challenged, mentally and emotionally stable and mentally and emotionally troubled — all human life is created and loved by the author of life, the Almighty Father of Heaven and Earth.

This is also a day when Central celebrates our Gospel partnership with HopeChoice and the beautiful and powerful work they do in our Amarillo community in the name and manner of Jesus.

In the mostly lousy year of 2020, 591 young pregnant women walked through the doors at HopeChoice thinking about abortion. Of those 591 young ladies, 580 changed their minds and decided on life for their babies. More than a hundred of those women made some kind of decision for our Lord Jesus Christ.

That good work has not slowed down during the pandemic. And we are so honored and blessed by God to be a part of it.