Running Late

I’m so sorry it’s after 2:00 in the afternoon and I’m just now getting to the blog. It’s been one of those wonderfully rewarding mornings — into the afternoon now — of visiting with people and counseling and ministering. This post will be a quick hit-and-run. My apologies.


Legacy Worship Center Construction Update

                         KomatsuDigging     KomatsuDumping

I have no idea what this huge piece of machinary is called or exactly what it does. But it’s massive and it’s digging some pretty impressive holes out here today.


There are 16 days until football season. And while some truly great football players such as GeorgeBlanda, Frank Gifford, and LenDawson have worn the #16, the all-time greatest is 49ers QB Joe Montana. He was great at Notre Dame. But he made his mark as the championship signal-caller in San Francisco. He accounted for 40,551 yards passing and almost another JoeMontana1,700 yards rushing during his NFL career, and he’s still in the top four all-time in the NFL record books for attempts, completions, yards, TDs, passing percentage, and pass-to-interception ratio. He won four Super Bowls and three Super Bowl MVPs and played in eight Pro Bowls. He and Jerry Rice hooked up for 68 TDs, the most prolific points scoring tandem in NFL history at the time of his retirement. Montana pulled off 31 4th quarter comeback victories in his 15 year career. In 1981, “The Catch” completely reversed the fortunes of two franchises in Dallas and San Francisco and ruined the career of one of my favorite quarterbacks, Danny White. Cowboys apologists will always say that pass to Dwight Clark over Everson Walls in the end zone at Candlestick was a lucky play. It wasn’t. It was truly heartbreaking. But it was a great play. And Montana’s the greatest player to ever wear #16.


I don’t know what to make of the news that Van Halen is kicking off a concert tour and planning to record another album. I’m nervous about Diamond Dave re-joining the group, troubled by the absence of Michael Anthony, and skeptical about Eddie’s 16-year-old son, VanHalenLogoWolfgang, not only playing bass but also picking all the songs. I’ve been burned by Van Halen concerts many times. A last minute cancellation in OKC. Sammy Hagar losing his voice at the Cotton Bowl two songs into the show and Anthony singing Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll” as they left the stage. David Lee Roth forgetting the words to “Beautiful Girl.” Will any of that keep me away? Doubt it.




  1. Jason Wolfe

    First you lose 10 man points for not having your machinery application and vocabulary memorized. FYI- That piece of equipment is a Komastu PC300LC-7 Hydraulic Excavator. It digs holes, loads trucks, and does other fun machinery stuff. IMHO one of the finest pieces of heavy equipment ever produced.

    Btw- I work for Komatsu, so I might not be 100% objective.

  2. Cindy

    This has nothing to do about your blog- but I was thinking… if he didn’t know about $2 T-shirt night -does he know anything about Taco Tuesday @ Rosa’s. I could never forget myself if I didn’t share that great piece of information. If you know about it–ENJOY!! – if you don’t … try it out.

  3. Allan

    Obviously, if you read the label on the pictures, I recognized the name “Komatsu.” Or at least I recognized it as a brand name and wrote it down. Your biased opinion, Jason, notwithstanding, it is a very impressive machine.
    Cindy, we do Taco Tuesday up here at the office almost every single Tuesday. Usually Kipi or Suzanne makes the Rosa’s run at about 1130a and we all eat together in the library/conference room. Love Taco Tuesday!! Today I was at McAlister’s with Harry Riggs from Sunset Int’l Bible Institute. I’m a brand new fan of the McAlister’s mufaletta.

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