Round Two in the Books

We flew through Carrie-Anne’s second round of chemotherapy yesterday with no adverse reactions. No pain, no nausea, no issues, no problems – a gracious gift from our God. We arrived at the Allison Cancer Center at a few minutes after 8:00am, met with our doctor and his scheduler, got set up in the infusion room, received the drugs while flipping back and forth between Red Dawn and Friends, and then completed the cold cap rotations in our living room at 6:00pm. This makes for really long days, but we’re surrounded by really great people who are working hard to make this as easy and as pleasant as possible.

Kirsten and Gian in the infusion room are taking excellent care of us,  giving us plenty of space for our ice chests and duffel bags, putting the bed just right, and making jokes when they’re appropriate. Kirsten laughed when I said C-A’s cold gloves and ice goggles make her look like a Sleestak, and I called her on it – she’s way too young to know anything about the Sleestak villains in the 1970s series “Land of the Lost.” But she and Gian are funny and clever and compassionate and make chemotherapy as good as it can possibly be. Dr. Manny and his team are answering all our questions and giving us lots of confidence. The Texas Oncology pharmacists are very friendly and helpful. And our church family at GCR is absolutely flooding us with love and support in the form of delicious meals, prayer visits, phone calls and texts, and more cards and letters than we can even get around to reading.

Another encouraging development is that C-A went to work on Thursday for the first time in six weeks and had a very good day there, too. She worked the full day, everybody treated her really well, including her students, and it really helped restore some normalcy to a significant chunk of her life. As much as she is able, C-A will work four days a week through the rest of the semester and receive her chemotherapy on Fridays.

Saturdays are for recovering and we are certainly taking it easy today. So far, still no nausea or muscle aches or any of the other side effects we’ve been told to watch for. And we are grateful. We are thankful to God for a good day and for the good people around us.



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  1. Beverly Stanglin

    We continue to be thankful that the treatments are going well. That is such a blessing. Thanks for keeping us informed. Love to all of you.

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