The GCR Church family celebrates our 60th Anniversary and Homecoming this weekend with an all-church cookout, a youth ministry reunion, and praise and pie tomorrow, followed by a Sunday morning of reflection and gratitude and worship, capped by a catered lunch.

The foyers are decorated with flowers and balloons, the tables and chairs are set up in the Gathering Space and the Family Center to handle 800 for lunch, and there are old photos displayed and old video loops running in almost every public space. Andy Spell is coming back to help Cory Legg and Eric West lead our worship and the great Ronnie White is back to bring us an inspiring lesson from God’s Word.

As we look at old pictures and tell and re-tell the old stories, as we reflect on all that’s been accomplished since 1963, we remember we belong to a much bigger story of God and his people. Our focus is on what God has done and what he is doing. We rejoice in the indescribable¬† mercies and grace our Father has lavished on us. Our souls bask in his great love. Our spirits sing of the power of his salvation.

We are being changed by God to love like Jesus. That’s worth celebrating this Sunday at GCR.