Popular Principle

Popular Principle

“I have tried the pharisaic plan, and the monastic. I was once so straight that, like the Indian’s tree, I leaned a little the other way. And however much I may be slandered now as seeking ‘popularity’ or a popular course, I have to rejoice that to my own satisfaction, as well as to others, I proved that truth, and not popularity, was my object; for I was once so strict a Separatist that I would neither pray nor sing praises with any one who was not as perfect as I supposed myself. In this most unpopular course I persisted until I discovered the mistake, and saw that on the principle embraced in my conduct, there could never be a congregation or church upon the earth.”

~Alexander Campbell, The Christian Baptist Volume III

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  1. jason reeves

    We become a historyless people without an understanding of the beginnings of the Restoration Movement.

    We began as a unity movement.

    A people with open hearts and minds and a desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

    I suppose the question we need to continually ask is: Are we still?

    Glory to God!


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