Look at all those really good people there!

We held the third GCR Christian Practices Retreat at The Way this past weekend and, as always, by God’s grace and the transforming power of his Spirit, we were changed. A little bit. Here and there. Fits and starts. Bits and pieces. That’s just how it works. But carving out 22 hours with a few brothers and sisters in Christ, away from the distractions of home and work and church, to dwell in the Word and Prayer, to share meals and holy conversation — that certainly helps ignite the process.

David Benner says your spiritual life will only be as deep as you are able to pay attention. This past weekend we paid attention to what God is doing in us and through us for the sake of others. We paid attention to how he has been at work in our lives from the moment we were born, through every up and down, right up to this very moment. We paid closer attention to the transforming words of Scripture. We paid attention to our prayers. We paid attention to one another and our Christ during our meals. And our love grew deeper. Thanks be to God, our love for Jesus and for one another grew deeper.

The next Christian Practices Retreat is September 15-16 at The Way. We’ll take the first 24 who register.