God is love. The greatest command is to love. Love is what sent Christ to the cross. Love outranks faith and hope. It is the fulfillment of the Law. It never fails. N. T. Wright says love is not our duty; it is our destiny.

It is the language Jesus spoke, and we are called to speak it so that we can converse with him. It is the food they eat in God’s new world, and we must acquire the taste for it here and now. It is the music God has written for all his creatures to sing, and we are called to learn it and practice it now so as to be ready when the conductor brings down his baton.  
                            (from Surprised by Hope, Harper One Publishing, 2008)

We can do no better than to love one another unconditionally. We can be no more like our Lord than if we love selflessly, sacrificially. That is why we pray. That is why we forgive. That is why we accept one another and show mercy and grace. Love is why we always protect, always trust, always hope, and always persevere.

Love is not our duty; it is our destiny.