The prayer requests come in every day, almost every hour. By email and phone, by text and twitter, face-to-face in the church parking lot and here in my study. We receive prayers of praise and thanksgiving, petitions born of sorrow and pain, requests for us to do battle on their behalf with the principalities and powers. I’m reminded today as I update my own personal prayer list that every time we pray, we do it together.

Prayer is always personal. But it is never individual.

When we pray, we are part of a great congregation whether we see them or feel them or hear them or not. We are not alone when we pray, even when there is no one else in the room. We pray for others who do not know we are praying for them. Others are praying for us, although we don’t know it.

Yes, prayer is a deeply personal language. But it is also inherently inter-relational. It is the language of God’s Church.